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Jaguar Development and Rehabilitating Arrival (06:05)


Giles Clark cares for 10 week Maya at home; residents at his Big Cat Sanctuary are rescues or part of the international breeding program. They take in a five month Cheetah recovering from injury; he attempts bonding and feeding.

Jaguar Cub Ambassador (03:20)

Maya goes on morning news television to raise awareness for endangered big cats; Clark reflects on her progress. He raises funds for a Kenyan conservation organization trying to protect lions.

Jaguar Bite Development (02:08)

Clark gives Maya raw chicken; in the wild she would now accompany her mother on hunts. Her jaw strength is developing; she cracks the bone with her carnassial teeth.

Bonding With Willow: Progress (03:19)

The Cheetah cub adjusts to the Big Cat Sanctuary; Clark attempts bonding again. They play; she shows signs of relaxation and acceptance of him.

Outgrowing the Suburban Home (03:59)

Eleven week Maya spends her last night in Clark's house looking for stimulation; her play is too rough for human environments. Her enclosure is constructed while she stays in a transitionary cabin.

Bonding With Willow: Success (03:55)

Cheetahs are cautious; Clark patiently bonds with the cub. They play; she becomes affectionate with him. She craves contact; in the wild, she would live with siblings and her mother until two years old.

New Terrain: Maya (02:33)

Clark takes the Black Panther cub to her new enclosure; she confidently explores it, playing in the pool. Jaguars' large paws help them swim and hunt aquatic prey; they spend significantly more time in water than other big cats.

New Terrain: Willow (03:46)

Clark has improved adult Cheetahs' response to humans at the Big Cat Sanctuary; monitoring their health is easier after establishing trust. He coaxes the cub outside; she explores and climbs a picnic table.

Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservatory (12:12)

Clark travels to Kenya to support lion conservation efforts; he assists wildlife services with collaring a female. When cats travel outside the reserve, they risk poisoning by farmers defending livestock. African populations have declined by 70% in 50 years.

Sanctuary Life (07:50)

Clark returns to Kent; Willow lives in a large enclosure, and he prepares Maya to transition into hers. She settles in; she receives an encouraging veterinarian check-up. He reflects on the last year; his work has raised funds for global conservation efforts.

Credits: Big Cats About The House: Episode Three (00:33)

Credits: Big Cats About The House: Episode Three

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Maya is 10 weeks old and pushing the Clark family to their limits. They are invited to appear on BBC Breakfast to raise the profile of all big cats around the world. Giles takes in a cheetah cub called Willow and it is back to late nights as he builds her trust. Giles goes to Kenya with GPS collars he has funded and darts and collars a female in a pride that needs his help. Maya is given the all clear on her health by the vet.

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