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Motivated Conservationist (03:08)


Giles Clark has worked with big cats for twenty years; he runs a sanctuary located on forty acres of British countryside. Many residents are rescues; some belong to the international breeding program.

Emergency Adoption (03:16)

Clark’s sanctuary gets an urgent request regarding a jaguar cub; given the mother’s prior negligence, he decides to hand raise it. The practice is controversial; he feels if properly executed, the cat will healthily develop.

Critical Feedings (08:14)

Clark assesses the jaguar cub’s health; proper nutrition is essential to her survival. During this developmental phase, she must consume 20% of her body weight daily. He names her; after hours of bonding, she drinks specialized formula.

Constant Care (08:19)

Clark’s family discusses his work; Maya will stay close to him for ten weeks. Her condition improves, and she dictates her feeding schedule. He uses warm water and gauze to stimulate bowel movements.

Black Market (06:13)

Clark travels to Cambodia, researching big cat population declines; he and Wildlife Alliance workers tour the Cardamom Mountains reserve. They find evidence of poaching; despite efforts, the practice has increased by 500 percent and tigers have disappeared.

Preparing for Adulthood (06:08)

Maya develops, gaining confidence and following Clark around. At four weeks, she begins teething and playing. Some sanctuary cats are aggressive; he asserts that they are wild animals, even after human socialization.

Developmental Issues (04:27)

Clark notices irregularities with five week old Maya's agility and coordination. He believes she has vision problems, and despairs at the prospect of putting her down.

Troubling Veterinarian Visit (09:10)

Clark takes Maya to Langford Veterinarian School; a specialist inspects her eyes, determining vision problems resultant from faulty optic nerves or brain processing. They take blood samples and she undergoes an MRI; scan diagnosis is inconclusive.

Credits: Big Cats About the House: Episode One (00:30)

Credits: Big Cats About the House: Episode One

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Big cat expert Giles Clark hopes to turn The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent into a center of global excellence for big cat conservation. He adopts Maya, a jaguar cub, and hand raises her at home. A trip to Cambodia fuels his determination to protect wild cats. At his home, Maya develops, but when her coordination deteriorates, she is rushed to a veterinary hospital and her life hangs in the balance.

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