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K Beauty (03:44)


South Koreans place a high value on skincare. Beauty website founder Alicia Yoon visits her family facialist. Jimjilbangs combine bathhouses, spas and hotels under one roof. Skinlab L offers skin analysis, nano oxygenation, and facial Pilates.

South Korean Music Scene (03:44)

Min Jun Park, aka DJ Soulscape, founded art collective 360 Sounds. He also directs the Hyundai Card Music Library, containing practice rooms, a performance space, and over 10,000 vinyl records. Itaewon and Hongdae districts combine international trends and South Korean tradition.

South Korean Technology (03:52)

Seoul has the world's fastest Internet, due to government investments in broadband infrastructure. Learn about the online gaming culture and cultural spaces created to counteract screen addiction. founder Keith Kim discusses the city's development potential.

Fitness in South Korea (02:42)

James Lee Mcquown has co-founded Seoul's first running club to make jogging more appealing among the younger generation. His organization is building community, organizing events, and creating running routes.

South Korean Craft Beer (02:56)

Chef Sid Jin tours Magpie Brewing Company on Jeju Island that sources local hops, fruits and vegetables. Brew master Seolhee Lee considers exporting her product.

Seafood in Seoul (04:10)

Michelin starred chef Jun Lee purchases a sea bass from Noryangjin Fish Market to make a hoe dish. He wraps the raw fish in lettuce, a technique known as ssam. At his restaurant, he cooks the bass with wild greens.

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