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Introduction: Hanoi POV (01:04)


The nation's capital, over 1,000 years old, is located in Northern Vietnam and has a population of 3,600,000.

Vietnamese Writing (04:44)

Former journalist Nguyen Qui Duc discusses spending time in libraries after his father was captured by Communist soldiers; he visits the Temple of Literature for inspiration. Duc is the founder of Tadioto for "thinkers and drinkers." He communes with farmers at flower markets.

Contemporary Art (04:42)

Co-founder of the Manzi Space Tram, Vu Ngoc Tram is a lifelong Hanoi resident; her studio's location is unique. Tram gains inspiration from her father and political situations. She visits artist Pham Khac Quang.

Vietnamese Music (03:50)

Quoc Trung is a lifelong Hanoi resident. His compositions are tied to cultural heritage, but include western elements. He derives inspiration from autumn and the Monsoon Music Festival. Trung visits Summit Bar.

Vietnamese Textiles (03:15)

Donna Bramhall has lived in Vietnam for four years; she derives inspiration from West Lake and the Vietnamese Women's Museum. She shops on Hang Bo street, where vendors specialize in sewing materials. Hanoi's culture is special to designers.

Vietnamese Cuisine (05:26)

Van Cong Tu and Mark Lowerson are food bloggers; they enjoy noodles at a Hanoi restaurant. Vietnamese people eat quickly to provide seats for waiting patron; they socialize in coffee shops after dining. Regional beans are brewed by slow drip filtration.

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The purpose of travel is more than seeing sights, it’s about gaining a new perspective. Explore Vietnam’s capital city through the eyes of its residents.

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