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Fifth Generation Wireless (06:35)


Five G technology has potential to revolutionize many fields; Erik Ekudded describes its ability to synchronize reality and advanced consumer applications. Professor Mischa Dohler explains the interactive glove he uses to teach piano. Doctor Maria Lema Rosas explores medical uses.

Virtual Worlds (03:44)

The global market for augmented reality technology is set to reach 108 billion dollars by 2021. The platform transforms how consumers shop and design living spaces, allowing three dimensional experiences. Its first application is "Pokémon Go!"

Intelligent Dictionary (03:29)

Travis the Translator is a pocket device interpreting 80 languages; applications extend to tourism, diplomatic, and medical fields. Manufacturers focus on the Asian market and test the product on world travelers in Holland.

Power Trade (03:28)

Air pollution is problematic in India, with 45 million rides occurring daily in three wheeled taxis. The country aspires to make all vehicles electric by 2030. GMW has innovated the Smart Adda battery swapping station to eliminate recharge wait times.

Urban Agriculture (04:45)

Plenty Inc. maintains indoor, vertical farms; its sensory team selects the best tasting produce to try to replicate growing conditions for future yields. The system uses one percent of the land and water that traditional farming requires.

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What if anyone, anywhere could become a concert pianist or a surgeon? What if language barriers were consigned to history? And what if our food was all fresh from a farm next door? CNN Business Editor-at-Large Richard Quest brings such stories from Europe, Asia and North America, focusing on innovations in business and technology which are set to transform the way we live our lives.

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