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Runner Gabriel Grunewald (08:45)


Dr. Sanjay Gupta focuses on three athletes whose sports are just as much a part of their treatment as any medicine. He begins with 31-year-old runner who battles a rare cancer. She competed in Olympic trials with a softball-sized tumor in her liver.

Football Player Jake Olson (08:05)

Olson crosses campus with the help of his service dog, Quebec. Olson lost his eyes to a rare cancer when he was a child; but that does not stop him from playing football for one of the country’s most storied programs.

Surfer Kieran Carter (06:15)

Gupta discusses Carter, a surfer who was born with Down syndrome. There are three types of Down syndrome, and he has the most common, trisomy 21. Carter gets surfing lessons from 16-year-old Antoine de Mascarel, the founder of Dubai’s Surf for All program.

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Power of Sport

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On fields, tracks, and courts around the world, you will find some of the most inspiring people, often fighting incredible odds. So what is it about sports that motivates them, whether it is fighting a disease or a disability, and in turn, motivating us? Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the power of sports through three incredible stories from the United States and the United Arab Emirates. 

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