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Canine on Call (09:24)


Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses the benefits of animal-assisted therapy. Atlanta resident Lisa Kinsel drives her golden retriever, Casper, to a local hospital where he comforts children being treated. Casper is the first of 11 dogs on staff at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Dogs Detect Diseases (06:01)

Dr. Gupta explains how elephants may help humans fight cancer. Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen travels to Britain where dogs help detect the disease. Medical Detection Dogs CEO Claire Guest explains how her pooch, Daisy, sniffed out a lump in her breast. Rob Harris trains dogs to detect prostate cancer.

Mtn Peaks Therapy (07:03)

Rojo and Napoleon, a llama and alpaca, spread cheer on the streets of Portland, Oregon. Mother and daughter Lori Gregory and Shannon Hendrickson take their pets to a local care facility, where they lift the spirits of dementia patients.

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Animal Therapy

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Casper is up and ready for work at 6:15 a.m. He eats some breakfast, and puts on his uniform and badge. Then he gets in the car and heads off to the hospital, where he joins countless doctors and nurses tending to sick children. But Casper is not your ordinary employee; he happens to have four legs and a fluffy tail. Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the world of animal-assisted therapy. From lowering stress and anxiety to reducing the risk of heart disease, dogs like Casper and a host of other animals have been scientifically proven to improve our health. Plus, see how tapping into a dog's sense of smell may actually help us detect cancer.

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