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Introduction: Lost Vegas (05:12)


Millions travel to Las Vegas wanting to win large sums of money. Off the strip, lost people hide out of site. Scott Beaudry copes with squatters on a weekly basis after the housing crisis.

Waiting for Police (03:07)

Neighbors believe an apartment building is being used for drug deals. Beaudry carries a handgun for protection. Officers arrive to investigate and discover a child in the vacant units.

Clearing the Property (02:38)

Two children and a woman emerge. There is no electricity or running water in the foreclosed apartment.

North Las Vegas Police Department (05:11)

There are over 14,000 vacant homes in Las Vegas. Scott Vaughn leads the Squatter Task Force. Police clear and secure a property owned by a woman who was threatened.

Ride Along (04:53)

Innocent people get scammed with fictitious leases. Vaughn approaches a family with four young children that is squatting on a bank-owned property. The family refuses aid from Help of Southern Nevada.

Help of Southern Nevada (05:13)

Lou and Andrew offer aid to squatters. The caseworkers offer a job training program to homeless individuals living in a desert encampment. Ray would rather be homeless than be in a gang.

Lost Souls (04:30)

Help of Southern Nevada visits a homeless woman named Tina Lee. All of her food and belongings come from dumpsters. If she moves into permanent housing, she will have to give up her 13 cats.

Subterranean Homeless (06:13)

Lou and Andrew visit a mole people encampment in the tunnels designed to protect Las Vegas. Jazz scours slot machines on the strip for extra credits to earn income. His girlfriend died during a flash flood.

Finding Permanent Housing (04:57)

Clients are not always ready to accept aid. Jazz is not present when Help of Southern Nevada arrives, but shows up before the caseworkers leave. Tina returns to the streets after attempting to live in permanent housing.

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Lost Vegas

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Every year millions flock to Las Vegas trying to fulfill a dream and win big, but outside and even underground is another world that couldn't be more different. Lisa Ling investigates the dark, shocking and sometimes dangerous underbelly of Sin City that few get to see.

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