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Introduction: Modern Love (04:33)


This episode will examine non-traditional relationships. Tracy, a single mother, and her children will travel across the country to meet Gary for the first time. caters to polygamists who seek more than one life partner.

Relationship with a Married Man (03:24)

Internet websites cater to polygamous individuals seeking an additional family member. Tracy discusses Gary's courtship, her relationship with Sarah, and the potential consequences of moving. She and her children will fly to Missouri.

Polygamist Background (04:42)

Gary discusses how societal pressures made him believe his instincts were wrong and the influence of "Sister Wives." Monogamy does not work for everyone. There are moments where Sarah gets jealous but wants a multiple marriage.

Trying Polygamy (05:15)

Gary meets Tracy and her children at the airport and provides a tour of the property. Tracy wants a polygamous lifestyle and worries that it is too good to be true.

Three Way-Relationships (07:51)

Mary, Jessica, and Camille are in love with each other. caters to non-traditional relationships. The throuple discusses meeting each other for the first time and long-term plans.

Religion and Love (05:47)

Camille describes trying to convince herself she was heterosexual, marrying a man at the age of 18, and becoming suicidal. She currently has joint custody of her children. Camille shares a house and bed with Mary and Jessica.

Multiple Wives (06:24)

Sarah discusses her expectations for a sister wife. Gary and Tracy spend the day with the children at a fish hatchery; Josiah enjoys spending time in Missouri. The polygamist lifestyle brings families together.

Polygamist Reflections (04:00)

Tracy laments that she and her children will soon leave. Sarah and Gary want to take their time before making a decision. Mary, Jessica, and Camille are a happy throuple.

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Modern Love

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Polygamy in America used to be known as something that’s practiced solely in Mormon country, but thanks to a growing crop of unorthodox dating websites there’s a new spin on multiple marriage, one that is spreading far beyond Utah. Lisa meets open minded singles, couples and throuples who believe that love doesn’t always come in pairs.

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