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Introduction: Sins of the Father (02:57)


Noemi takes her daughter to visit her father at his company Christmas party. This episode will examine cases of women who are forced to co-parent with their attackers. Ariel Castro requested visitation with the daughter he fathered when raping one if his captives. (Credits)

Third Degree Sexual Assault (06:04)

During her senior year of high school, Noemi began working in a restaurant; a coworker raped her. A school counselor convinced her to report the assault to authorities. The rapist's parental rights were not terminated because he accepted a plea deal.

Court Sanctioned Visitation (02:41)

Noemi's rapist sent messages throughout her pregnancy demanding she abort the child. The government insisted on a visitation schedule after she applied for state medical insurance and was forced to name him as the father.

Custody Laws (02:31)

The Nebraska Women's Center for Advancement helps women who were attacked. First Degree sexual assault trials are rare and most end in a plea bargain. An estimated 32,000 women become pregnant after being attacked in the United States each year.

Teenage Mother (04:37)

H.T. was assaulted by an older church member when she was 14. The judge sentenced him to 16 years of probation. When she petitioned for child support, her attacker demanded visitation.

Severing Parental Rights (04:00)

Wendy Murphy specializes in civil rights for women and children. The law needs to change and stop rewarding horrific behavior. An appeal is pending; H.T.'s case should not have been transferred to family court.

Families Under Siege (03:17)

Noemi lives with her parents and younger siblings. Her family describes their anger at learning of the rape. Noemi's daughter will have an unsupervised visit with her father tomorrow.

Changing the Law (04:52)

Analynn works with activists to terminate the parental rights of rapists. Attackers exploit laws to exert power and control. She describes conflicting emotions when learning she was pregnant.

Children Conceived Through Rape (02:42)

Reducing stigma associated with this type of conception is harder than changing laws. Do not hold a child responsible for his or her father's crime. Analynn plans on telling her daughter the circumstances of her conception.

Unsupervised Visitation (04:34)

Noemi's daughter attends her biological father's Christmas party at work. Her daughter believes he is a family friend or social worker. The court will order overnight visits in a year.

Termination of Parental Rights (03:28)

H.T. attends community college for nursing; Murphy hopes to set a legal precedent in the appeal. Ten states have passed legislation since 2015 to aid victims. Noemi plans on testifying in front of the Nebraska legislature.

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Sins of the Father

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Lisa Ling investigates sexual assault survivors who are fighting in court to deny the men that raped them, visitation with their child.

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