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Heroin Addict (03:27)


Lisa Ling explores how race can define the way doctors treat heroin addiction in Chicago. Aiden shoots heroin and discovers he purchased a bad batch; he shoots up to curb withdrawal symptoms. Aiden reflects on his choices.

Aiden's Childhood (03:20)

Aiden describes growing-up in a middle class suburb outside of Chicago. He does not want to live near his little brothers.

Narcotics Police (03:56)

Drugs lead to a horrific life, death, or prison. Conrad describes how his daughter became addicted to heroin and refused to commit to rehabilitation. He continually searches for his daughter.

Regular Overdoses (01:49)

Ling accompanies Conrad while he searches for his daughter. Heroin can place addicts in the middle of gangs and crime.

"Promised Land" (05:52)

The drug trade fills a void form some after factories close. African-Americans primarily sell to other blacks, but dealers look for white customers because they purchase more heroin. Sam and Mark sell drugs to support their habit.

Race and the Drug Trade (05:28)

Claire begins to show signs of withdrawal. She discusses prostituting and strippping to afford her habit. See footage of her shooting up.

Law Enforcement Encounter (02:54)

Claire describes how a police officer escorted her to her car and told her to leave the west side. Ling tries to convince her to attend rehab. Claire decides she will do all her drugs before getting clean.

New Detox Programs (03:46)

Rolling Meadows offers addicts treatment instead of jail time. Heroin is a serious epidemic across the country. When caught, most users go to the Cook County jail; Ling tours division six of the men's wing.

Help Behind Bars (03:53)

Cook County inmates seek treatment for drug addiction and participate in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. State funded treatment has been reduced by 50%. Programs do not exist for African-Americans.

Drug Rehab (05:23)

Claire agrees to go to a three day detox program after telling her mother the truth. Sam and Mark want to keep their kids away from drugs and remain clean. (Credits)

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The Black and White of Heroin

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Lisa Ling goes to one of America’s hardest hit cities, Chicago, to investigate whether a gentler approach to heroin use is being applied equally to the rich and poor, black and white.

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