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Female Mixed Martial Arts (03:38)


Lisa Ling will examine the popularity of female MMA fighters. Ronda Rousey remains undefeated for 12 straight battles. Hannah McGuckin trains six hours a day, six days a week for her upcoming fight.

McGuckin's Background (03:34)

McGuckin describes her childhood and how she became interested in MMA. After working the graveyard shift, she returns to the gym to sleep. Joe and Alex train her to win her upcoming fight.

MMA Opponent (03:27)

Malinda Diffee runs a daycare and preschool for 332 children in Granville New York. The MMA fighter describes how it has helped her overcome her shyness. Ling and Diffee spar.

MMA Training (02:52)

See footage of Diffee and McGuckin training their first win. McGuckin takes a knee to the pelvic bone while sparring.

Youth MMA (03:28)

Hector Rivera coaches Andrea, his eleven-year-old daughter, in MMA technique. She has numerous medals in Judo and cage fighting. MMA is a battle of skill.

Youth MMA Competition (04:05)

Rivera travels to California for a competition; all children must have a physical upon entry. Participants are not allowed to strike the head, behind the ribcage, or slam an opponent. Unity "Karma" Soria Cordova and Rivera prepare to fight.

Youth Cage Fight (03:16)

Cordova gains the upper hand and wins the match. Andrea cries after losing.

Fight Preparation (02:29)

Diffee wants her first win and gets a boxer's braid. After hurting her shoulder, a doctor advises McGuckin to call off the fight.

Female Fighters (03:50)

Amateur MMA fighters battle to win a belt at Cage Wars. Cara Strona is used to participating in male-dominated sports. McGuckin arrives to support her fellow athletes.

Cage Wars (04:07)

The judges review the rules of the competition. Ling does not understand why women want to participate. Strona's strength is wrestling, while Diffee's is kickboxing.

Diffee vs. Strona (05:25)

During round two, Strona's wrestling technique initially gives her an advantage, but Diffee lands difficult punches. The ref calls the match during round three. (Credits)

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Women Who Fight

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Lisa Ling steps into the cage with three female fighters who are turning the traditionally male sport of MMA on its head.

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