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Psychometrics (04:25)


Michal Kosinski's Facebook personality test provides a dataset of user personality traits correlating with profile data. The Facebook algorithm extracts user information for targeted marketing; learn about Cambridge Analytica's political campaign methods.

Stepping Away from Digital Connectivity (02:59)

Algorithms are increasingly controlling society. San Francisco tech professional Soren Gordimer advocates being present. Laurie Segall attends a mindfulness meetup, confesses she is addicted to her smartphone, and attempts to meditate.

Technology Addiction (02:22)

Notifications are tailored to users based on personality type. Scott Dunlap discusses how Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are becoming more mindful and stepping away from their phones. Many try ayahuasca.

Tech Church (03:09)

Segall attends a service for Silicon Valley company employees. Pastor Adam Smallcombe refers to his church as a start-up and discusses breaking through the tech world's atheism. He hopes to instill values in the people creating products that affect our lives.

Future of Society and Technology (03:45)

Futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil says technology has already surpassed us. In 2029, computers will match human intelligence levels, including expressing emotions and creativity. Kosinski sees humans having a symbiotic relationship with technology, but agrees algorithms are not neutral.

Human Empathy "App" (03:46)

MIT professor Sherry Turkle says having a phone on the table turns the conversation to more trivial matters and lessens empathic connection. Smartphones have become extensions of ourselves; we are losing the capacity for boredom and self-reflection.

Boredom Practice (03:12)

Segall sits quietly without her phone for 15 minutes, appreciating feeling present and "unfiltered." Will human relationships weaken as we become increasingly addicted to technology and screens? (Credits)

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