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Family Tragedy (04:21)


Christy Gibson learned her husband John had been on Ashley Madison after he committed suicide. Hackers released the names and contact information of 33 million subscribers. Christy discusses John's humor and community involvement as a pastor.

Modern Day Scarlet Letter (01:57)

The Ashley Madison list brands people engaging in infidelity. Dr. Helen Fisher says we are biologically wired to have multiple partners. Professor Moran Cerf discusses the tendency among humans to live in a moral gray area.

Ashley Madison (02:53)

The company used morally questionable marketing practices. A hacked list revealed many profiles were bots; users who paid to delete their profiles were also present. Parent company Avid Life Media has rebranded itself; former employees have gag orders.

Coercive Marketing Practices (03:48)

A former Ashley Madison employee speaks anonymously to Laurie Segall about the company's practice of threatening employees. Sara Maxwell discusses the use of fake profiles and ads targeting men during vulnerable times.

Rationalizing Infidelity (05:07)

Segall attempts to interview new Ashley Madison CEO Rob Segal, who directs her to Deb; she does not confirm or deny the use of physical threats. Since the data breach, Ashley Madison users have increased. Former CEO Noel Biderman defends the company's business model.

Temptation and "Morality" Hacking (06:38)

Pastor David Crosby finds it hard to forgive Gibson's suicide after learning his name appeared on a list of Ashley Madison users. One year his death, Christy and her children reflect on life after a suicide. (Credits)

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Inside the War Room at Ashley Madison after the company was hacked, 36 million potential cheaters were exposed, and the human cost amounted to shattered families, even suicides.

Length: 29 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64623-248-2

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