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Age of Artificial Intelligence (03:03)


In this film, Laurie Segall will explore the increasingly complicated relationship between humans and technology. Lilly is in love with a robot she built named InMoovator; she does not consider her relationship abnormal.

Human-Robot Relationship (03:36)

After two unsuccessful human relationships, Lilly realizes she is not attracted to people. She is drawn to the idea of rational, predictable, and programmable artificial intelligence. She will continue to create InMoovator.

Object Sexuality (01:52)

Robot ethicist Dr. Ronald Arkin studies the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. He discusses the tendency among a small population to love inanimate objects.

Love Dolls (07:48)

Segall visits a lab producing life-like talking mannequins; custom features include appearance and personality. Customers are diverse, view the dolls as companions, and often fall in love with them. Employees believe human connection is not necessary for happiness.

Virtual Reality Sexual Harassment (05:10)

Segall interviews a woman's avatar about being groped without consent. Jordan recalls backlash when publishing an article online about the experience.

The Vault (06:04)

At a Montreal psychiatric ward, convicted sex offenders see virtual victims while experts measure their sexual arousal response. The technology is being developed as a risk assessment to predict re-offense. Segall reflects on our increasingly complex relationship with AI.

Credits: I Love You, Bot (00:31)

Credits: I Love You, Bot

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Sex and tech get complicated: life-size dolls built with artificial intelligence to really get to know you, assault in the virtual world and an engagement party for a woman and the robot she's madly in love with.

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