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Hacker Junaid Hussein (02:08)


Hussein played practical jokes online with his hacking crew, Team Poison, before joining ISIS. Laurie Segall attends DefCon in Las Vegas, where hackers expose security vulnerabilities and question authority.

Teen Hacker to Terrorist (02:18)

"Vince in the Bay" discusses Team Poison's activities. Hussein's internet persona Trick was jailed for hacking Tony Blair's voicemails, after which he disappeared to Syria. Vince was mystified by his decision to join ISIS.

Dangers of Hacking (02:36)

Josh Foreman explains how hackers can manipulate systems to cause death. FBI agents infiltrating DefCon collected evidence against Trick before he was killed by a drone strike.

Cyberterrorism Threat (02:46)

Former D.O.J. National Security Chief John Carlin discusses how terrorist groups recruit vulnerable young people. From Syria, Hussein urges lone wolves in the U.S. to attack domestic targets. His ability to incite violence pushes the government to kill him.

Lure of ISIS (02:24)

Propaganda specialist John Nichols discusses how young people like Hussein buy into the terrorist network's anti-authoritarian and anti-Western narrative.

Disaffected Youth (02:18)

Segall travels to London to meet Trick's former friend, underground rapper Tabernacle. He believes Hussein was manipulated into joining ISIS in Syria.

Investigating Hussein's Past (04:52)

Segall travels to Birmingham in an attempt to interview Hussein's family. A former classmate is shocked he joined ISIS and his family's neighbor remembers him as a polite boy. Hussein's family does not answer the door.

Cyberterrorism Challenges (03:07)

The internet and social media makes it easier for anyone to become a terrorist. Counter-terrorism agencies have shorter windows of opportunity to intervene in this process. Segall is unable to interview Hussein's family.

Credits: Hacker Down: The Life and Death of an ISIS Social Media Star (00:31)

Credits: Hacker Down: The Life and Death of an ISIS Social Media Star

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Hacker Down: The Life and Death of an ISIS Social Media Star

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The story of the first person deemed dangerous enough to kill … because of his ability to tweet.

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