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Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (03:14)


The UAE's space program plans to establish a colony on Mars by 2121; an economic shift places emphasis on innovation and education. Experts at MBRSC work on a variety of projects including KhalifaSat and an unmanned Mars probe.

Entrepreneurial Wave (02:20)

Tommy Weir discusses Dubai's push for economic diversification and the education gap. Stretch targeting galvanizes society toward a goal.

Gaming Sector (02:04)

Tamatem is the largest mobile games publisher in the Middle East. Hussam Hammo discusses the company's history and growth.

West Bank High Tech Community (03:06)

Rawabi is an innovation hub for Palestinians; outside investment and expertise are key to success. Mellanox partners with ASAL for engineer training and software development.

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Knowledge-based Economies

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Countries in the region are seeking to build knowledge-based economies?—Dubai is leveraging an ambitious space program to create jobs and the next generation of engineers.

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