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Social Media Stars (06:46)


Lagos, the largest city in Africa, has over 10 million residents younger than 25. Linda Ikeji is one of the social media personalities who has achieved superstar status in Nigeria. Many people have turned their fame into successful media businesses.

Women in Social Media (07:45)

Many social media stars in Nigeria are women. Ikeji's success has inspired many women to create fashion or gossip blogs. Chiamaka Ngozi Obuekwe runs The Social Perfect, a tourism company that promotes little-known destination in Nigeria.

Nigeria and Social Media (06:40)

Social media expert Liz Osho believes Nigerians have the right nature and culture to succeed on social media. Sisi Yemmie has become one of the most popular lifestyle bloggers.

Credits: Nigeria's Social Media Stars (00:08)

Credits: Nigeria's Social Media Stars

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Nigeria’s Social Media Stars

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Social media is changing how the world works. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Africa's most populous city, Lagos. In this bustling metropolis of an estimated 23 million people, around 10 million are under the age of 25 and their numbers are rising rapidly. Tech savvy and increasingly well connected, they have embraced social media and, in the process, a new generation of high profile and highly paid personalities have emerged. In this episode of Inside Africa we meet Nigeria’s social media superstars.

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