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Ugandan Travel Bloggers (07:23)


Solomon Mario Oleny uses blogs and social media to promote travel and tourism. Uganda was once a travel destination, but the internet reminds people of past negative events. Amos Wekesa uses Facebook to promote his safari business and a positive image of Uganda.

KoiKoi Uganda (06:18)

The collective of tech workers and creatives use their skills to promote Uganda. They work to tell new and unique stories about the country and its people. A group rafts down the Nile River to gain content.

Ugandan National Parks (06:46)

Uganda's system of national parks and reserves houses some of the most exotic African wildlife. Oleny goes with a wildlife conservation guide to photograph mountain gorillas.

Credits: Uganda Tourism (00:04)

Credits: Uganda Tourism

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Uganda Tourism

Part of the Series : Inside Africa - Series 2
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We explore whether Uganda can regain its former reputation as a highly desirable destination, as we look at what role Uganda's new breed of travel bloggers will play.

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