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Rwandan Medicine (06:15)


Healthcare workers in rural areas face numerous logistical challenges. The American-based robotics company Zipline develops drones to deliver medicine supplies. The team of engineers, pilots, and healthcare professionals conduct more than 60 deliveries a week.

Access to Blood (07:11)

A lack of blood supplies is a major problem in rural Rwandan hospitals. Zipline's drones can deliver blood quickly, helping reduce complications and deaths. Zipline had to educate hospital staff about blood donations to gain acceptance.

Medical Supply Delivery (07:57)

Zipline's drone team is on-call 10 hours a day to fulfill emergency orders. The team demonstrates how to fill an order for blood.

Credits: Rwanda Medical Drones (00:02)

Credits: Rwanda Medical Drones

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Rwanda Medical Drones

Part of the Series : Inside Africa - Series 2
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The potential of drone technology goes far beyond military and recreational purposes, serving medical needs of remote African hospitals.

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