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Sega Music (05:37)


Mauritian culture and food is a mix of influences from Africa, China, India, and France. Sega is the national music; the three main instruments are made by hand. Singer Linzy Bacbotte frequently performs for tourists visiting the island.

Sega's History (08:41)

Le Morne Mountain is recognized as the birthplace of sega music. It served as a hideout for runaway slaves, who were brought to the island by Dutch, French, and British colonialists. Sega music developed out of songs they sang to express emotions.

Sega Preservation (07:00)

Music producer Percy Yip Tong teaches students to play the ravanne, one of the traditional sega instruments. Seggae, a mixture of sega and reggae, has helped popularize the music outside of Mauritius.

Credits: Mauritius Sega Music (00:02)

Credits: Mauritius Sega Music

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Mauritius Sega Music

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A musical genre created by slaves who were first brought to Mauritius while under colonial rule, sega offered a way to express their suffering but later, freedom and liberation.

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