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Afro-Brazilians (08:35)


Lagos has a large population of those who descend from Nigerian slaves. After the abolishment of slavery in the 1800s, many returned home, bringing Brazilian influences. Lagos has a Brazilian quarter, but many younger Afro-Brazilians are losing interest in carrying on their culture.

Afro-Brazilian Architecture (06:55)

Most of the houses and buildings built by the first returning Afro-Brazilians have been demolished. Nonprofit Legacy is working to protect and restore historic buildings in Lagos.

Afro-Brazilian Culture (05:12)

Many Afro-Brazilians are concerned their culture is dying out and are taking efforts to preserve it. The Lagos Fanti Carnival is an annual celebration of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Credits: Nigeria's Afro-Brazilians (00:03)

Credits: Nigeria's Afro-Brazilians

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Nigeria's Afro-Brazilians

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A community in Lagos feels equally Brazilian and Nigerian, but that Brazilian culture is struggling to survive in a changing world.

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