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Climate Change in Seychelles (06:35)


The archipelago in the Indian Ocean is under threat. The main industries of tourism and fishing are tied to the ocean and landscape of the islands. Coral die off and coastal erosion threaten fish populations.

Conservation in Seychelles (07:39)

The Cerf Island Conservation Program and the Marine Conservation Society work to protect the archipelago from pollution, over fishing, and sea level rise. CICP educates tourists about coral reefs and is part of a coral regeneration program.

Community Conservation (06:47)

Coral restoration on Cerf Island inspires Mahi Island resident and resort owner Lisa Laporte Booyse to start her own program. Community members and conservation groups help grow coral in nurseries and protect the wetlands on the island.

Credits: Seychelles Climate Change (00:03)

Credits: Seychelles Climate Change

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Seychelles Climate Change

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From coral regeneration to wetland rehabilitation, explore the positive actions the Seychellois are taking to protect their land and reverse the damaging effects of global warming.

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