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Threats to Wildlife (06:14)


African national parks and reserves are threatened by human-wildlife interactions, habitat loss, and poaching. In Kenya, park rangers frequently remove wire snares set by poachers; they use thermal imaging cameras to locate poachers in the dark.

Massai Mara National Reserve (09:12)

The Sera Conservancy Trust in northern Kenya uses microchips to track wildlife. Black rhinos are endangered and under threat by poachers. Park rangers use the chips to track 11 black rhinos.

Evolution of Conservation (06:03)

Officials at the Sera Conservancy Trust command center monitor the black rhinos. Technological advancements allow for better protection and quicker responses to emergencies and poachers.

Credits: Kenya Conservation (00:00)

Credits: Kenya Conservation

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Kenya Conservation

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Poaching threatens African wildlife like never before. To save these animals, Kenyan conservationists are using a different point of view to see and catch poachers, even in the dark.

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