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Centre for the Less Good Idea (05:48)


Artist and filmmaker William Kentridge founded the collaborative arts space in Johannesburg to help young artists gain exposure. The center brings together artists from different disciplines so they can development ideas together.

Creativity Freedom (10:00)

The Centre for the Less Good Idea operates on a difficult model; money and funding are not considered. It allows artists to press boundaries of performance and artistic expression. During its first season, a street parade attracts audience members.

New Medium (06:15)

"Jeppestown Superhero" brings a group of 20 amateur filmmakers to the attention of the Centre for the Less Good Idea; the center commissions 12 films.

Credits: Art Unlimited (00:04)

Credits: Art Unlimited

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An unconventional theater space in Johannesburg has been allowing artists to unlock the limits of their creativity and the results have been breathtaking.

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