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Bongema, Sierra Leone (07:07)


American Tiffany Persons traveled to Sierra Leone to make a documentary about the country's role in the diamond industry. She forged a friendship with Umaru Demba Kargbo, who was 10 at the time, worked in the village, and helped revitalize the school.

Shine On Sierra Leone (07:05)

Persons' organization provides support to education, health, and women's empowerment. Persons began spending more time in the country during and after the Ebola epidemic, which brought the community closer together.

Self-Discovery (06:34)

Persons felt she was always searching for the place where she belonged. Through Shine On Sierra Leone, she began to feel at home. She took an ancestry test and learned she was a descendant of the tribe she works with.

Credits: Sierra Leone Kono Reborn (00:03)

Credits: Sierra Leone Kono Reborn

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Sierra Leone Kono Reborn

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Meet the remarkable people in Sierra Leone who banded together to overcome local challenges and change one woman's perception of Africa - and life - forever.

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