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Sao Tome and Principe (07:31)


The volcanic archipelago is known for biodiversity. Its remote location has helped countless species survive. Principe Trust is a nonprofit working to promote conservation and sustainable development on the islands.

Research on Principe (03:00)

Fauna & Flora International uses drones to map the forests on Principe. They study remote areas and have discovered new species of plants. The organization also works to protect the forest from fires and improper logging.

Conversation Education (05:20)

The president of Principe helped establish the country as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Officials work to educate residents about plastic waste and clean drinking water. UNESCO status helps the archipelago attract eco-tourism.

Wildlife on Sao Tome (05:26)

Sao Tome is the largest island and home to numerous endemic birds. The island has more unique species than the Galapagos Island or any other place known for biodiversity.

Credits: Sao Tome Biosphere (00:02)

Credits: Sao Tome Biosphere

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Sao Tome Biosphere

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Sao Tome and Principe boast beautiful waters, volcanic peaks, and an abundance of endemic species existing only on the archipelago. It's this biodiversity that has drawn scientists to track, map, and preserve the wildlife. And now, the country is using it to attract eco-tourism.

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