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Malagasy Culture (06:38)


Over 20 ethnic groups live on the island nation of Madagascar and many identities are tied to nature. The Bara tribe is known as warriors and cattle herders. Cattle is main source of income and viewed as sacred.

Bara Customs (06:49)

Members of the Bara tribe wear bright colors and men carry weapons. Each Bara settlement is ruled by a king, who helps maintain village wealth. Cattle is central to Bara wedding customs.

Bara Cultural Festival (07:42)

The Bara host a festival to celebrate Malagasy culture and traditions. Bara are known for their inclusive nature. Bara dancers perform a dance honoring cattle.

Credits: Madagascar's Bara Tribe (00:05)

Credits: Madagascar's Bara Tribe

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Madagascar's Bara Tribe

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Madagascar's Bara tribe is renowned for its warriors and herders, whose customs and wealth are tied to cows, known as zebu. Follow a local Bara king and his son as they host the annual Karitaky festival, named after a unique Bara style of dance honoring the zebu.

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