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Nairobi Matatus (09:27)


Matatus are a major part of the transportation system in Nairobi. The vans are privately owned and faster and cheaper than city buses. For Nairobi's urban youth, they are also a sense of cultural and artistic expression.

Matatu Preservation (06:18)

Matwana Matatu Culture documents the art and stories of matatus. Founder Brian Wanyama worries the vehicles could be replaced by more modern buses. The matatus are built and painted in Nairobi's industrial area.

Matatu Artwork (05:26)

After the ban on Matatu artwork was lifted, artistic expression grew. Artist Joseph Asila specializes in painting matatus, which pays well and gives a mobile platform for his art.

Credits: Nairobi's Matatu Culture (00:18)

Credits: Nairobi's Matatu Culture

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Nairobi's Matatu Culture

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For many Kenyans, shared matatu vans are a lifeline for getting around Nairobi. Often hard to miss, with their trendy artistic designs, bright colorful lights, and blaring local music, the vans represent a powerful form of expression for urban youth.

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