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Bi Kidude (06:19)


The Taarab singer re-popularized the musical style and opened many doors for Zanzibar women in the music industry. After her death in 2013, many female Taarab singers, like Amina Omar, worried about the music's fate. Numerous cultures converging for trade influenced the sounds of Taarab.

Bi Kidude's Life (06:40)

Omar hopes classical Taarab will continue in Zanzibar; Bi Kidude performed for over 80 years and always refused to cover her face. Omar visits the neighborhood where Bi Kidude spent most of her life.

Taarab Styles (07:49)

Zanzibar musicians incorporate modern twists, making the style more popular than the classical Taarab Omar performs. Omar frequently plays public events to expose more people to the music. The Dhow Countries Music Academy works to preserve traditional music.

Credits: Zanzibar Musical Legacy (00:19)

Credits: Zanzibar Musical Legacy

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Zanzibar Musical Legacy

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Bi Kidude was the queen of taraab music in Zanzibar. She broke from convention by singing in public without a veil and brought traditional music to the younger generation. Her death in 2013 rocked the island of Zanzibar and left a hole in its music world.

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