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Mozambique Marine Life (05:56)


The coastal topography near Inhambane allows for numerous species to remain all year. Marine biologists have seen a decrease in mantra rays and whale sharks. Global warming and unsustainable fishing practices threaten fish populations.

Mozambique Conservation (08:41)

Most families in the area sustain themselves on fishing. Local fishermen work with marine biologists to encourage the use of fishing lines instead of nets. Marine life is an important part of the local food supply and the fishing and tourism industries.

Ocean Education (06:47)

Many people in Inhambane work to educate the younger generation about the ocean. Most residents cannot swim, but the marine biologists work with locals to open swim classes.

Credits: Mozambique Marine Conservation (00:02)

Credits: Mozambique Marine Conservation

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Mozambique Marine Conservation

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Tofo Beach is a picturesque small town on the coast of southeastern Mozambique boasting waters rich with marine life like whale sharks and manta rays. However, the number of sea animals are declining. Meet local fishermen adopting eco-friendly practices.

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