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Yazidi Slaves (04:20)


Tied cloths at the Lalish temple represent wishes for the safety of women and children taken by ISIS. Ameena Hassan fields calls from those trying to escape; her husband Khalil smuggles the women out.

Enslaved By ISIS (03:40)

Many Yazidi women who escape from ISIS enter Duhok refugee camps. "Noor," "Munira," and "Busra" describe their experiences of trafficking and rape. ISIS employs gynecologists to determine which women are virgins and which ones are pregnant.

Slavery and Rape: Weapons of War (04:46)

"Zeinat" recalls her enslavement by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, sharing a cell with Kayla Mueller, and her escape; "Zeinat" describes Baghdadi.

Targeting Yazidi Women and Children (03:52)

ISIS fighters use religious beliefs as justification for rape, murder, and enslavement. Ajmal Masroor argues that ISIS denigrates the Qur'an. Baba Sheikh discusses how the Yazidi faith deals with ISIS victims.

Sun Brigade (02:20)

Yazadi women fight back against ISIS. Xate Shingali commands the all-female Peshmerga unit. Recruits reflect on becoming soldiers.

Female Photojournalists (03:40)

A group of Yazidi women use photography to overcome experiences with ISIS. An ISIS video shows the sale of Yazidi women; hundreds of women and children remain missing. Atika Shubert reflects on Yazidi resiliency.

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Yazidi: Strength and Survival

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A report on Yazidis, a Kurdish religious community, who are being persecuted by ISIS. Interviews with Yazidi women who were held as slaves under ISIS are included.

Length: 23 minutes

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