Segments in this Video

Vicious Attack (05:31)


Surgeons prepare to operate. "Okkhoy" and his parents describe the attack that left him severely injured. A paramilitary force protects the family from a gang of kidnappers who steals children and forces them to beg.

Humanitarian Outreach (04:50)

Aram Kovach recalls learning about "Okkhoy" and reaching out to CNN to offer help. Dr. John Gearhart agrees to perform reconstructive surgery for free and Kovach pays the family's expenses. "Okkhoy" and his father prepare to journey to the U.S.

Journey to the United States (06:49)

Kovach awaits "Okkhoy's" arrival. They meet at the townhouse where "Okkhoy" and is father will be staying; "Okkhoy's" father wants to know why Kovach is providing help. The group spends the day sightseeing and having fun.

Johns Hopkins Children Center (06:10)

"Okkhoy" and his father meet the doctors. In Bangladesh, some of "Okkhoy's" attackers await trial; RAB commander Mohammad Sohail wants to make an example of the attackers. "Okkhoy's" father and Kovach worry about "Okkhoy's" feelings of revenge.

"Okkhoy's" Medical Team (03:44)

Dr. Gearhart and Dr. Rick Redett speak with "Okkhoy" and his father about the surgery. News about the need for a future implant saddens the father.

Surgery Day (05:54)

"Okkhoy" undergoes a pre-operative evaluation. Nurse Kim Sexton explains the day's procedures; "Okkhoy's" father is anxious. "Okkhoy" speaks to his mother in Bangladesh before going into the operating room.

Reconstructive Surgery: Phase One (10:17)

"Okkhoy's" father anxiously waits in the waiting room. Dr. Redett discusses his experience with penile reconstruction. Dr. Gearhart and Dr. Redett are able to give "Okkhoy" a fully functioning penis. "Okkhoy's" father reflects on Kovach's kindness.

Life After Surgery (06:32)

"Okkhoy" slowly wakes in the recovery room. Four weeks later, "Okkhoy" and his father prepare to return to Bangladesh; Alena Khan hopes he will get an education. "Okkhoy" now says he wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

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Operation Hope

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In May 2011, the CNN Freedom Project highlighted the story of a 7-year-old boy kidnapped off the streets of Bangladesh by a criminal gang that, according to authorities, for years snatched children, crippled them, and then forced them to beg. When this young boy refused—he was beaten, stabbed and mutilated. His injuries shocked everyone who saw the story. But one CNN viewer was so outraged, he took a stand. He offered to help the boy, and triggered a chain reaction of goodwill that spanned the globe—and changed the boy's life. In Operation Hope, CNN Sr. International Correspondent Sara Sidner charts the boy's remarkable journey and the people who made it happen—complete strangers, half a world away. It's a story of injustice and compassion—but also a story of hope. 

Length: 50 minutes

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