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Ondine Francis: Fashion Designer (07:01)


Francis uses found materials to create high-end merchandise for international markets. In "Warriors for the Waste Walkway," children design, manufacture, and model clothing. The Lynde Francis trust helps those less fortunate.

Judith Adong: Director and Playwright (07:05)

Adong considers herself an activist for human rights and promotes social change through her plays. Every member of society should be welcomed and feel comfortable talking about issues. "Just Me, You, and the Silence" examines homosexuality, which is considered a crime in Uganda.

Jamila Hassan: Photographer (06:23)

"Life in Mombasa" captures everyday life in Kenya. The photographer describes returning from the United States to be part of the youth culture, Instagram, starting her blog, and favorite locations.

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Women Who Inspire

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A fashion designer, a filmmaker, and a creative blogger are encouraging those around them to make a difference.

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