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Neighborhood Revitalization Efforts (03:30)


West Lakes, Florida is one of Orlando's poorest neighborhoods, but has produced many civic leaders. In 2012, Lift Orlando chose it for an urban revitalization experimentation; Executive Director Eddy Moratin explains project goals, integrating community involvement with outside investors.

Doubts About Change (03:40)

Fifty years ago, West Lakes was a thriving, black middle class neighborhood; it has since degraded into community with high crime rates and low employment. Lift Orlando encounters residents' suspicions, but their approach is based on impressive results in sectors of other struggling regions.

New Stadium Proponents and Detractors (05:07)

Expansion of Florida Citrus Bowl within West Lake is met with mixed expectations; a neighboring multi use park is set for redevelopment. Long running economic struggles combined with historical racial tensions contribute to residents' suspicions and concerns about gentrification.

Awaiting Long Term Results (02:01)

By fall 2014, the new stadium is ready for the Annual Florida Classic; the event marks a new and uncertain era for West Lake. Moratin discusses Lift Orlando's development, feeling they must prove the facility is good for the neighborhood to establish trust with those traditionally marginalized.

Credits: They Got The Money (00:11)

Credits: They Got The Money

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A portrait of LIFT, Orlando, an inner city revitalization program led by business executives, operating in a historically black neighborhood situated in the shadow of a football stadium under construction in Orlando, Florida.

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