Segments in this Video

Lightning Fire (03:26)


Emergency operations officials describe a typical fire season. They recall early assessments of the blaze and disbelief it would reach homes. Fire Chief Gerry Zimmerman discusses the effects of wind changes.

Emergency Evacuations (07:06)

Director of Emergency Operations Ron Mattiussi discusses impromptu problem solving skills necessary to clear threatened residences. Kelowna community members describe anticipating the fire.

Okanagan Mountain Forest Fire (06:07)

Kelowna residents explain skepticism regarding the firestorm's reach; Andy Gebert recalls ominous conditions converting their doubts. Emergency Social Services Director Beryl Itani compares community impact with prior disasters; 20,000 people took refuge at the community center.

Media and Resident Support (02:08)

Mayor Walter Gray recalls community efforts and international concerns; the press collaborated to publicize the situation. Reporter Colin Basran relays a story of evacuee generosity.

Responders Under Threat (08:30)

Kelowna firefighters describe seeing homes incinerated; they attempted to put out blazes, but winds thwarted their efforts. Zimmerman recalls the storm rolling over teams in a ravine, igniting residences in front of them.

Devastation and Appreciation (03:10)

Fire Captain Robbie Buchanan describes realizing the firestorm was beyond their control; all felt lucky no one was killed. Captain Shawn O'Reilly discusses community gratitude.

Recovering Community (05:56)

Kelowna residents describes losing homes to fire; Gebert discusses his gratitude for firefighters. Buchanan and Itani explain bonding through tragedy and express appreciation for support. (Credits)

Firefighting Suggestions (02:42)

Mattiussi describes 911 calls from people with creative suggestions for fighting the Kelowna firestorm.

Credits: Firestorm: Out of the Ashes (01:05)

Credits: Firestorm: Out of the Ashes

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This documentary film celebrates the spirit of community, and the heroism of the firefighters, police, and an untold number of volunteers who devoted their time to help others during one of the most dramatic events in the history of Canada: the Okanagan Mountain Forest Fire of 2003. The 2013 film searches for untold stories and unpublished images to evoke the memories of the Okanagan residents, who lived through the fateful days of August 2003. It reflects on how the fire shaped and changed their lives.

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