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Superiority of Composite Materials (03:16)


In this brief introduction learn that foam, fiberglass, and epoxy and composite construction material change the art and science of building and flying aircraft. See the differences between a composite wing and an aluminum wing. Though both are the same weight, the composite can withstand extreme overloads.

Layers of Composite Materials (03:05)

Viewers see and learn about the three layers that make up composite materials.

Carving and Shaping Core Materials (02:37)

Viewers observe a demonstration of how core materials are carved and shaped. Core materials are made of PVC foam and urethane foam.

How to Make a Styrofoam Part (05:18)

Viewers learn how to make a part out of Styrofoam for a Long-EZ aircraft. Materials include cardboard templates, hot-wire foam cutter, saw, and more. Safety precautions are included.

Diagonal Cut and Templates (03:34)

Through demonstration, viewers see the careful planning and precautions taken prior to making a hot-wire diagonal cut in a Styrofoam part. Watch as two experts apply templates, measure, and use a level prior to cutting. Precautions are included.

Air-Foil Cut Procedure (04:45)

Using weights to stabilize the Styrofoam parts with templates attached, two experts hot-wire cut the core of the airfoil shape. Watch to see why it is critical to have two people working on this part of the composite material construction.

Air-Foil Section Completed (02:12)

The air-foil section is unveiled. Finishing touches are taken care of. Viewers learn how epoxy is used to hold down a jig that will be used in the glassing processes that will follow in the next program.

Credits: Composite Materials Construction, Part 1 (00:30)

Credits: Composite Materials Construction, Part 1

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Composite Materials Construction, Part 1

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In this program, construction of the port-side vertical fin of a Rutan Long-EZ homebuilt aircraft begins. Burt Rutan and Mike Melvill discuss composite materials and how each is beneficial to the design. Contrasts between the materials are drawn so viewers can understand why a certain material is best for its purpose. The sandwich method of construction is demonstrated. A part of the series Composite Materials. (26 minutes)

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