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Yoga Revolution (02:26)


Yoga was developed to bring peace and enlightenment to men. A generation of women has claimed the practice, which has evolved into an international phenomenon and multi-billion dollar industry.

Seane Corn (01:58)

The Los Angeles instructor motivates people through yoga to find their purpose in life. She is happy in her career choice.

Tari Prinster (01:47)

The New York instructor began practicing yoga for to slow the aging process. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, yoga helped her through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Patricia Walden (02:50)

The Boston yoga instructor has been practicing since the 1970s. She sought enlightenment in San Francisco; yoga helped her overcome childhood trauma and develop her identity. Her contributions have influenced how yoga is taught to women worldwide.

Demystifying and Mainstreaming Yoga (02:53)

Twenty million people practice yoga in the U.S.; 85% are women. It has become accessible for all ages and groups.

Women in Yoga (02:40)

Women participated in the practice in ancient India prior to Brahmanism, when women's social status declined. Learn about Indra Devi's contribution to spreading yoga in the West. A new practice enhancing women's lives has evolved.

Female Leadership (03:02)

By the 1970s, yoga was broadcast on U.S. television. Women began teaching and acting as role models; Angela Farmer reflects on adopting a feminine dynamic in her practice. Women have also contributed to incorporating the practice into daily life.

Women's Health Crisis (04:54)

Modern women are overstimulated, overscheduled, and under pressure to be perfect. Depression and dieting are common; 90% are dissatisfied with their appearance and 80% have unhealthy relationships with food. Practicing yoga releases stress, focuses the mind, and increases energy.

Empowerment through Yoga (03:15)

Walden visits India annually to study with B.K.S. Iyengar's daughter Geeta, who has adapted his teachings for women. She discusses how it helps women develop a strong identity and overcome depression.

Studying Yoga Health Benefits (02:51)

Dr. Shirley Telles directs medical research at Patanjali Yogpeeth in India. She studies yoga's physiological effects, influence on skills, and use in treatment. In Tennessee, Dr. Catherine Stallworth prescribes yoga asanas and a vegetarian diet as part of physical rehabilitation.

Healing through Yoga (03:48)

After surgery for breast cancer, the practice helped Prinster's lymphatic system heal. She has developed a program for cancer patients and survivors, providing a sense of community and safety. Classes adapted for larger women are increasing in popularity.

Service through Yoga (02:13)

Corn's humanitarian work supports women in developing countries. Her organization Off the Mat, Into the World mobilizes the yoga community. She prepares for a trip to help women and children in Uganda.

Off the Mat, Into the World (06:06)

Yoga Journal editor-in-chief Kaitlin Quistgaard discusses how female teachers and leaders are making positive changes in the world. Corn's organization arrives in Uganda for a year-long project helping HIV-positive women, including building a birthing center.

Women's Health (04:12)

Yoga practitioners discuss how the practice can help re-align the menstrual cycle. Gynecologist Dr. Sara Gottfried prescribes yoga for hormonal balance.

Prenatal Yoga (02:23)

A Kaiser hospital in Los Angeles is incorporating yoga into prenatal care. Studies show pregnant women practicing yoga spend less time in labor, reduce chances of cesarean section, and often give birth to healthier babies.

Yoga and Motherhood (03:51)

Caring for family and meeting work commitments makes it difficult to create time for oneself. The practice helps women manage emotions and relieve stress. Women share how they fit asanas into their daily routine.

Yoga for Kids and Adolescents (03:22)

Girls are under increasing social pressures. Educators are recognizing that the practice helps regulate hormones and boost self-esteem during puberty.

Art of Yoga Project (04:07)

Sayle began practicing while incarcerated. Learn about a program working with teenage girls in California's juvenile justice system. It helps build self-esteem, heal sexual trauma, and teach self-control.

Africa Yoga Project (02:43)

Mary Wanjiru, 19, teaches children in Nairobi. She discusses how the practice has given her self-confidence. Yoga helps develop communities, break the poverty cycle, improve health, and promote intertribal communication.

Yoga and Libido (03:55)

Stress of daily life can impact women's reproductive systems and sexual drive. The practice reduces overall stress; pelvic floor work can help improve incontinence.

Yoga and Aging (05:50)

The practice can help ease the menopause process, including retaining joint freedom and agility, avoiding depression, and increasing bone density. It also offers hope during life-threatening illness and helps to alleviate fear of dying. Prinster leads retreats for cancer patients.

Finding Inner Peace (04:34)

The core objective of yoga and meditation is to calm the mind and discover self-truth. Rather than changing us, it helps to purify and connect the body and mind.

Yoga Wisdom (04:16)

Corn's Uganda project is inspiring other yoga communities to give time and resources to people in need. Sayle has been released from detention and is pursuing a nursing career. Practitioners share how yoga has changed their lives.

Credits: Yogawoman (04:46)

Credits: Yogawoman

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Yoga was brought to the west from India by a lineage of male teachers. Now there’s a generation of women leading the way. They’re strong, they’re inspiring, and they’re radically changing people’s lives. From the busy streets of Manhattan to the dusty slums of Kenya, this documentary uncovers a global phenomenon that has changed the face of yoga forever.

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