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Suicide Victim: Candace, Age 12 (06:15)


The parents of a young suicide victim recall that she had anxiety about taking tests. A psychological work-up reveals that she was sometimes anxious, but depression is ruled out. The child is prescribed an antidepressant.

Suicide Victim: Caitlin, Age 12 (06:46)

By age 12, Caitlin takes 4 pills per night to help her sleep and to cope with depression. Home videos show Caitlin behaving normally. She takes Paxil, and then Zoloft. After that, her personality changes. At school, she hangs herself.

Drug Prescriptions for Pre-Teens (02:59)

Candace, age 12, is prescribed a double dose of Zoloft by her doctor to help her transition into middle school. When she accidentally takes too much, she goes into a psychotic tailspin.

Antidepressant and Suicide Attempts (08:36)

At age 11, Jason's mood and self-esteem take a nosedive. His doctor prescribes Paxil without testing his tolerance levels. He turns angry and begins cutting himself. He makes four suicide attempts.

Memorial to a Sister (01:10)

The sister of a young suicide victim rehearses a dance that will be part of a memorial to her sister.

Abuse of Prescription Drugs (06:26)

Ray, Jr., a 15-year-old, is a practical joker and avid tennis player. His parents share bits and pieces of their son's life. Ray, Jr. and his friends get high on a mixture of antidepressants. The teen goes into the street with a gun and kills himself.

Antidepressant and Cutting (07:20)

A teen develops uncomfortable feelings about being in public and around other people. Tonya's family doctor prescribes Paxil. Tonya has three car wrecks and finally cuts herself very badly. Her mother finds her in time to save her.

Sudden Suicide (03:25)

Candace, a 12-year-old, seems to have a normal school day, an evening out with friends, and a good relationship with her parents. Yet, one evening, she hangs herself at home. He mother finds her.

Misdiagnosis Leads to Suicidal Thoughts (09:55)

Devin, age 9, is a twin. When her behavior changes doctors prescribe Paxil. She has daily, violent rages and talks about suicide. Her parents' research leads them to a doctor who diagnoses Devin with Lyme disease.

Black Box Warnings on Drugs (01:13)

Following the testimonies of many families and medical professionals, the FDA makes historic changes. Drug companies must warn patients that antidepressants can cause suicidal thoughts and actual suicide.

Credits: Prescription: Suicide? (03:11)

Credits: Prescription: Suicide?

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Weaving together six stories of real families and real experiences, this program looks at the tragic impact that antidepressant drugs can have on children, teenagers, and their loved ones. The film also considers wider aspects of the ongoing controversy regarding the prescription, administration, and use of these so-called revolutionary medications—asking whether or not physicians and drug manufacturers have adequately studied the risks that newly developed antidepressants pose to the emotional stability of young patients. Through the testimony of people on the front lines, viewers are given an opportunity to study the potential disparity between Big Pharma’s interests and those of an extremely vulnerable demographic. (58 minutes)

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