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Debate "Housekeeping" (05:39)


Moderator John Donvan frames the debate on whether the Republican Party should support President Donald Trump's candidacy.

Opening Statement For: Bret Stephens (06:25)

Op-Ed Columnist for the "New York Times," Stephens emphasizes that all individuals regardless of political affiliation have a stake in the outcome of the debate. The Republican Party is divided between those who believe in free trade and ethics and those who believe in conspiracy theories, border walls, and Muslim bans. There is a democratic senator in Alabama because President Trump endorsed Roy Moore, an accused child molester; popularity should not be the chief criterion of political principle.

Opening Statement Against: Liz Peek (06:35)

"Fox News" contributor and columnist, Peek asks that the audience suspends its political affiliations. Republicans believe the American Dream is under attack in 2020; success has driven this country. Only President Trump can win the general election.

Opening Statement For: Jeff Flake (06:25)

Former U.S. Senator, Flake argues that the world no longer looks to the United States for leadership and moral values as it did thirty years ago. President Trump has called southern Africa countries as "S-hole countries" and the press the "enemy of the people." Republicans need to consider if the President should be re-elected.

Opening Statement Against: Kris Kobach (06:48)

Former Secretary of State, Kansas, Kobach argues empirical, intellectual, and statistical reasons that President Trump should be re-nominated. The Republican Party must have a nominee who can win in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. President Trump protects the blue collar worker; state, local, and federal government pays a cumulative $100 billion dollars in public benefits for illegal immigrants.

Trump Not a True Conservative (05:22)

Donvan summarizes opening statements and encourages debaters to keep their arguments civil. Peek explains how she prefers Trump's outcomes over his personality. Policies enacted during the current administration will vanish when the next democratic president is elected; principles define a political party.

Immigration (03:15)

The Republican Party's message is that immigrants are a threat to this country but they are less likely to commit a crime and start more businesses. Kobach counters that illegal aliens commit crimes at a higher rate than native born Americans. President Trump has followed a conservative agenda in other arenas including deregulation, taxes, and appointing judges.

Free Trade (04:40)

Flake argues that Trump lowered taxes but imposed tariffs. Trade wars are warranted in certain cases; protecting the United States interests is paramount.

Is the Risk Worth It? (07:51)

Stephens feels that it would be better to lose the general election than re-nominate President Trump. Flake describes how the Prop-187 campaign caused Republicans to lose elections for a decade because people did not want to be associated with the party. Over-regulation and high taxes are huge issues within California.

Q/A: Moral Leadership (02:06)

Kobach describes that he appreciates that President Trump does not speak in polished political rhetoric. While sometimes coarse, Americans know his thoughts and decisions.

Q/A: Message of Hope (02:13)

There is a lot of International damage caused by President Trump's foreign policy agenda. Kobach describes how wage increases, economic growth, and rewards to legal citizens who immigrate the proper way benefit America.

Q/A: Climate Change (02:20)

The debaters discuss how conservatives do not want to give up their resources of natural gas, coal, and crude oil. Republicans need to come up with sensible solutions and not dismiss climate change as a hoax brought on by China.

Q/A: Hiring Practices (03:14)

President Trump has had multiple Chiefs of Staff, Secretaries of State, and heads of the CIA since assuming office. The current administration cannot pass any kind of bipartisan legislation. Republicans need to treat democrats as partners in making this country better instead of as enemies.

Q/A: Mueller Report (03:21)

Stephens is delighted that Robert Mueller found no grounds of colluding with Russia. Flake explains why he held up judge appointments in order to ensure the report was completed. It could have been very damaging to the President's bid for re-election if he had been found guilty.

Q/A: Policies and Principles Advanced (01:54)

No conservative principles will be advanced, but could be damaged if President Trump is re-elected for a second term. Those considering running against him have no standing within the Republican Party.

Concluding Statement For: Stephens (02:34)

Stephens plays an angry voicemail message he received from a Trump supporter who did not like a column he wrote. The Republican Party needs to regain its place as the "better angels of our nature."

Concluding Statement Against: Peek (02:15)

Hillary Clinton opposes school choice and charter school. Peek describes how in Baltimore no students within 13 high schools were proficient in math.

Concluding Statement For: Flake (02:15)

Re-nominating President Trump will change how the Republican Party is perceived. It will no longer be considered relevant in the future.

Concluding Statement Against: Kobach (02:28)

Kobach describes how there have been 334 hate crimes conducted on Trump supporters during September 2015. With the president as a nominee, politics is more fun and interesting.

Time to Vote (05:33)

Donvan compliments panelists on their conduct and instructs the audience to vote. The conservatives discuss other candidates including Nikki Haley, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden, and remaining with Mike Pence.

Audience Vote Results (01:09)

Pre-Debate - For: 61% - Against: 21% - Undecided: 18% Post-Debate - For: 81% - Against: 16% - Undecided: 3%

Credits: The Republican Party Should Not Re-nominate Trump: A Debate (00:08)

Credits: The Republican Party Should Not Re-nominate Trump: A Debate

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As Americans gear up for the 2020 presidential election, Republicans have a choice: Should they renominate Donald Trump for president or choose a different candidate? Proponents of renominating Trump argue that he has been a successful president and that his passionate and loyal base of supporters will vote for him en masse, particularly if the rest of the party rallies around him. Opponents, however, argue that he has been a poor president who has failed to expand his base and that the party should choose a more viable candidate. Should the Republican Party renominate Trump?

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