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Introduction: Einstein's Brain Unlocked (01:46)


Thomas Harvey conducts Albert Einstein's autopsy in 1955 and secretly removes his brain; it disappears. NHK will attempt to locate parts of Einstein's brain.

Princeton, NJ (05:14)

NHK visits Harvey's last home, the neighbor, and Harvey's son; Robert Harvey has his father's microscope. In 1955, Harvey removes Einstein's brain during an autopsy; they disappear years later.

Washington, D.C. (05:38)

NHK examines Harvey's files on Einstein. Notes indicate the brain was dissected into 240 blocks and pieces were sent around the world. Experts discuss Einstein's obsession with light.

Einstein's Brain (07:03)

NHK learns that a Princeton physician has a significant portion of the brain. Specialists create a 3D model, using Harvey's photographs. Prof. Dean Falk locates differences in Einstein's brain.

National Security (02:42)

Webb Haymaker convenes an emergency meeting after learning Einstein's brain was removed. Carolyn Abraham discusses the U.S. military's interest.

Brain Custodian (06:07)

The Princeton physician agrees to an interview. He presents his brain blocks and explains their procurement; "Dr. X" has a letter from Einstein's family. Scientists around the world have significant sections of the brain.

Berkeley, CA (04:05)

Dr. Marian Diamond is the first neuroscientist to promote neuroplasticity; she publishes the first study of Einstein's brain. Prof. Robert Knight discusses her impact on neuroscience. NHK examines some of Diamond's slides.

Buenos Aires (05:39)

Dr. Jorge Colombo publishes a paper on Einstein's brain in 2006; he reveals five brain blocks. Colombo's research focuses on astrocytes.

Honolulu, HI (02:31)

Dr. Charles Boyd reveals one of the two brain blocks he received from Harvey; he used the second block to obtain DNA.

Default Mode Network (05:49)

Prof. Yasuyuki Taki recreates the shape of Einstein's brain when Einstein was in his 20s. Prof. David Van Essen hypothesizes that an absentminded state when at rest enables complex thinking.

Locating Einstein's Brain (04:58)

Colombo and Boyd give their brain blocks to researchers. Boyd's block goes to "Dr. X" who reflects on his position as custodian. See the results of the seven-month investigation into the whereabouts of Einstein's brain.

Credits: Einstein's Brain Unlocked (00:60)

Credits: Einstein's Brain Unlocked

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The genius of Albert Einstein never ceases to allure. Upon his autopsy in 1955, Einstein’s brain is said to have been sliced and scattered among researchers around the world. Where are the pieces now? NHK travels the world in pursuit of these remnants. The journey leads to a rediscovery of hundreds of photos taken during the autopsy as well as an individual in possession of over 100 fragments of Einstein’s brain. The data gathered is brought together to build in 3D CGI, Einstein’s brain as it would have been in his 20’s, when he proposed the relativity theory. An extraordinary journey and the latest in neuroscience turn a new page in the story of the genius’s brain. Can the answer to human genius be found in putting back together Einstein’s brain?

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