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Prison Performance (03:32)


The Geese Theater Company performs for inmates at HM Risley Prison. While the actors wear masks, they can lie, but must tell the truth when they are removed.

Acting Workshop (02:11)

The theater company asks prisoners to sign up for the workshop. Masks represent the persona an individual presents to the outside world. Showing emotion in prison makes one vulnerable.

Introduction to Drama (06:09)

Inmates and guards play silly games meant to increase their comfort levels with performance. Mark discusses his drug addiction prior to serving a ten-year sentence for fraud. Saul Hewish encourages the group to increase physicality.

Creating a Character (03:41)

Prisoner convictions include car theft, robbery, and sexual offenses. Each individual creates a rule by which his character lives. Pete is incarcerated for an act of violence.

Acting Fears and Challenges (05:47)

Pete is emotional. Inmates pretend they are walking across a tightrope and improvise different situations. The group discusses past experiences.

Scene Work (04:33)

An inmate discusses how his mother's suicide impacted his life. Prisoners rehearse different scenes that might be in the final show.

Character Rules (06:45)

Brian discusses his father giving him up for adoption. Prisoners edit their scenes to create a statement.

Final Performance (04:45)

Actors perform the scenes written throughout the week. An inmate discusses coping with conflict through violence. The prison service needs to help those who want to change.

Credits: Behind the Mask (00:55)

Credits: Behind the Mask

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This film looks at a theater group that specializes in prison remedial work. By turning hardened criminals into actors, it challenge them to reveal human emotion from behind their masks of hardness.

Length: 39 minutes

Item#: BVL185626

ISBN: 978-1-64867-076-3

Copyright date: ©1994

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