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Peterson's Tower (03:26)


Gerald Scarfe decided to build a tower without architectural plans. Thomas Turton Peterson believed the ghost of Sir Christopher Wren instructed him to build a tower during a séance. (Credits)

Paxton's Tower (04:50)

Follies are monuments to the builder's ego. Sir William Paxton uses alcohol to win a seat in Parliament; Scarrington has a tower of 50,000 horseshoes. An eccentric is a person who is unconventional or does not follow traditional norms.

Secret Folly Garden (03:14)

Scarfe reflects on various types of follies including political, social, and environmental. Reverend David Edwards constructs the garden for trysts with a local gypsy.

Rushton Triangular Lodge (04:11)

In 1597, Sir Thomas Tresham builds the lodge to reflect the Trinity. Francis Tresham's involvement with the Gunpowder Plot prohibits him from completing Lyveden New Bield.

Castle Ruin (02:02)

Rupert Brooke commemorates Samuel Page Widnall's creation in "The Falling House that Never Falls." Scarfe attempts to draw a cartoon of Margaret Thatcher.

Collett's Jungle (02:47)

Designed by Samuel Russell Collett, this facade hides a farmhouse. Scarfe describes how the gentleman kept kangaroos, deer, and other creatures.

Luttrell's Tower (02:46)

A smuggler's tunnel runs from the tower to the beach allows men to bring in brandy for the prince regent. Scarfe checks on the progress of his folly.

Vicar's Pulpit (02:51)

In 1830, Isaac Septimus Nullis builds a pulpit so he can give sermons to his livestock. Mr. David Mayhew constructs a folly made of cement to retreat from modern day society.

Temple of Dr. Price (03:58)

Scarfe describes Dr. William Price's infatuation with a young virgin. Price cremates his son Iesu Grist in neo-druidic tradition. He builds his folly on land he does not own.

Sugar Loaf (07:13)

Scarfe examines his folly. Mad Jack Fuller decides to help the unemployed by building a pyramid mausoleum. The eccentric wins a bet by erecting the structure in 24 hours.

Scarfe's Folly (03:17)

Scarfe designs a folly in the shape of a camel and finds a potential resident. Showgirls dance at the opening ceremonies.

Credits: Scarfe's Follies (01:21)

Credits: Scarfe's Follies

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A folly is a strange, purposeless building usually erected by a rich eccentric Englishman of years ago. In this program, cartoonist Gerald Scarfe decides to build a folly of his own. Traveling around Britain in search of ideas, he encounters a wealth of follies, folly-builders and folly-stories, and even finds a hermit - the traditional folly-resident - to live in his final design.

Length: 43 minutes

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