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Sex Study's Findings Regarding Kids (05:34)


A quarter of young people have had sex by the age of 16, according to Britain’s National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. The 11-year-olds at Banwell Primary School in Somerset, England are starting their final sex education lessons.

How Did You Learn About Sex? (03:44)

Thirty percent of children learn about sex in school, 33% from friends and 14% from parents, according to the survey. James’s parents anticipate having a sex talk with their son in the very near future. Alice contemplates her future cup size and how she should dress.

How Old Were You When You First Had Sex? (08:01)

Twenty-six percent of girls and 30% of boys have had sex by age 16. Banwell students discuss kissing, peer pressure, and other aspects of dating. Helena does not plan on “snogging” until she is 12. Frankie’s mom is worried that Damien makes her daughter feel “tingly.”

Could You Talk to Your Parents About Sex? (04:37)

Fifty percent of girls and 33% of boys says they can talk to their parents about sex. Frankie and her mom talk about periods, peer pressure, and losing virginity. Alice dumps James, but they get back together.

Camp Break (12:30)

The Banwell kids take a break for camp where there is a minor scandal involving stuffed animals. Frankie and Damien break up, and Frankie is upset that her best mate, Alice, has swooped in on her ex. James’s and Michelle’s public displays of affection become an issue.

Do You Regret the Age You First Had Sex? (01:46)

The younger people are when they have sex, the more they regret it later in life; 66% of girls and 33% of boys regret having sex before the age of 16, according to the National Survey. Harry’s grandma recalls the sexual mores of her teen years.

What Would You Have Liked to Have Learned More About? (10:52)

Thirty-nine percent of survey respondents say they wish they had learned more about sexually transmitted diseases, 24% say contraception, and 35% say feelings. Banwell students watch a child birth video; nervous giggles and horrified grimaces abound. The kids attend an end-of-school party.

Credits: Sex Life: Kids (00:34)

Credits: Sex Life: Kids

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“If you won’t kiss a boy, they normally dump you and call you frigid,” says Alice, aged 11. “Tarts are nice. You don’t want someone boring who won’t do anything,” says James, aged 11. “I will snog, but not till I’m at least 12, and only if it’s the right person,” says Helena, aged 11. Funny feelings, first kisses, and a big goodbye to childhood; it is intense being 11. Meet the students of Somerset's Banwell Primary School who all have their own ideas about what is right for them as they approach adolescence. How and when we learn about sex and the facts of life can color the way we look at future love and relationships. It can even affect when we first have sex. The kids are in their final term of junior school and are being given their last course of sex education lessons before moving on to the local comprehensive school. Armed with all the facts, the children go off for a week’s camp. Has Carol, their teacher, given them a sense of what is right, wrong and appropriate? And how much do their parents really know about what they get up to?

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