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Color in the Market (02:49)


Every package in a supermarket is carefully designed and tested. Consumers infer pleasure, softness, and luxury from pastel packaging. Red, green, yellow, and orange are appetite colors; blue food does not exist in nature.

Package Designer (05:11)

Follow Michael Peters Limited select the packaging of a new Bird's Eye choline finger. Glenn Tutsell wants to build brand equity. Fiona Warn chooses the colors for the lettering.

Commercial Design (03:04)

Michael Peters describes studying at Yale University with Josef Albers. Albers' paintings inspire viewers to experience color. A computer is another tool to create art.

Color in Marketing (02:20)

Cathy Lauzon designs alternative brand packaging to use less materials and make it more recyclable. Red infers speed while yellow is considered sunny.

Comet Electronics (05:18)

Color psychologists break down colors into seasonal categories. Neil Whitehead describes why they chose the spring color palette for the store. Light floors make people want to walk along it.

Industrial Designers (09:01)

Dale Russel explains how plastic storage devices are now left in rooms to provide color accents. Follow the color group as they try to predict the next revolution.

Credits: The Color Eye: Rainbow for Sale (00:47)

Credits: The Color Eye: Rainbow for Sale

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The Color Eye: Rainbow for Sale

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Nowhere is color more calculated than in the supermarket. Here we find an almost unchanging language of commercial color. A language based on consumer research which probes our fantasies and feelings. Every pack is carefully designed and tested for a particular market.

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