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Catholicism: Virgin of Guadalupe (04:04)


Peter Owen-Jones attends a Catholic gathering in in Mexico City, honoring the country's patron saint; some crawl long distances to show dedication to her. When she appears to native Juan Diego during the 16th century, Aztec resistance to conversion wanes.

Santa Muerte (05:46)

Owen-Jones visits the Death Saint's shrine in Barrio De Tepito, describing the sect as Goth Catholicism. The faithful believe Our Lady of Holy Death is more responsive to prayer and that guilt and judgement isolate them from God.

El Tio: Mine God (06:41)

In 1544, the largest silver find in history occurred in Potosi. Local miners still look for remaining treasure; they agree to lead Owen-Jones through mining tunnels to the shrine of their god. They offer the demonic-appearing idol alcohol, smokes, and other gifts; one explains their rituals.

Pachamama (07:28)

Owen-Jones travels to Lake Titicaca to witness an Aymaran ceremony honoring their goddess; he meets with the Yatiri and they pray inside the church, blending their religion with Catholicism. They move to a sacred hill outside the village for further prayer, and llama sacrifice.

Catholic Automobile Blessing (03:35)

At Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana on Lake Titicaca, a priest prays for vehicles outside the cathedral every Sunday; the faithful acknowledge Virgin Mary and Pachamama. Owen-Jones purchases champagne and decorations from a local merchant, having his own car blessed.

Assemblies of God (06:04)

Protestantism rivals Catholicism in Brazil; Owen-Jones visits a prison where a Pentecostal minister preaches and prays for inmates while exorcising their demons. He attends an evening service at the reverend's church, where is singled out for smoking and prayed for in a private office.

Candomble (03:57)

Four million Africans are transported to Brazil as slaves between the 16th and 19th centuries; Samba music is used to communicate with their gods, evolving a religion. Owen-Jones visits with a priestess who performs a ritual wherein her body is compelled to dance by spirits.

Temple of Goodwill (04:25)

Brasilia is a center for new age and esoteric religions; some believe the city is a portal to other worlds. Owen-Jones visits a landmark pyramid, following the ritual to gain enlightenment from a crystal mounted inside its point. A city guide explains that people around the planet and universe travel there.

Valley of the Dawn (07:35)

Owen-Jones travels to an extraterrestrial temple outside Brasilia, founded by a medium provoked by spirits to start the religion; he has a revelation during his reading. The faithful dress colorfully for services and pray to many gods; they believe an evolved alien race is reaching out to humanity.

Santo Daime (07:31)

After taking Ayahuasca, founder Raimundo Irineu Serra has a revelation; the drink is now sacrament for a hybrid faith. Believers feel the religion rescues and reinvents Christianity; they perform "The Work" ritual, generating spiritual currents through music and dance.

Credits: Rituals: Latin America (00:30)

Credits: Rituals: Latin America

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Rituals: Latin America

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Peter ventures deep down a Bolivian mine to meet a terrifying god of the underworld, and takes a hallucinogen with a New Age community in Brazil.

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