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Questions about Jesus (05:33)


The story of the life and death of Jesus is at the heart of Western civilization. At a cathedral in Calcutta, Indian members hold a traditional Christian service; Mark Tully expresses how Christianity lives alongside other faiths that deserve equal respect.

Religious Incarnations (06:22)

Christianity claims God became incarnate in his son, Jesus Christ. Hindus believe there have been many incarnations of God, like Sai Baba. Jesus's birth as God incarnate has parallels in Indian tradition.

Jesus in Text (07:31)

Legends of Jesus's travels before he turned 30 include going to India, Japan, and Glastonbury. Four books of the Bible describe the last three years of Jesus's life. British theologian Richard Burridge uses computers to compare historical writings.

Views of Jesus (06:57)

Artist and Catholic theologian Jyoti Sahi defines the historical Jesus and Jesus as he tells his story through parables. Experts draw a comparison between modern devotees of Sai Baba and followers of Jesus during his lifetime.

Cathedrals and Culture (12:47)

Experts compare cathedrals and Hindu temples and the works of Jesus relative to Hindu tradition. Sai Baba's symbol incorporates signs of other religions, revealing his pluralism. Father Christudas, a Benedictine monk, runs an Indian-Christian ashram.

Social Class and Religion (07:27)

The majority of India's Christians come from the lowest caste, the Dalits. Bishop Azariah is the first Dalit bishop of Madras. Sahi communicates the unique idea of Jesus as an ordinary carpenter and the acceptance of suffering.

Credits: The Lives Of Jesus: Jesus The God (00:40)

Credits: The Lives Of Jesus: Jesus The God

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Filmed in India, Europe and the Middle East, and using the latest historical, archaeological and theological research, this series searches for the real Jesus. It is a quest which encompasses millions inside and outside the Christian church, including Jews, Muslims and the many 'post-Christians' who became disillusioned. Jesus is seen as a man/god, a teacher, a rebel and a Jew, as Jesus and the origins of Christianity are examined in the light of crucial new discoveries about his world, including new gospels.

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