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Introduction: Cardiff Singer of the World: Episode 5 (02:30)


Five singers representing Bulgaria, Scotland, Poland, Macedonia, and Georgia will compete to win a place in the finals of "Cardiff Singer of the World" competition. Jury members include Tom Krause, Joanne Rosenberg, Dame Joan Sutherland, Marilyn Horne, Brian McMaster, and Anthony Freud. Barbara Bonney, a soprano from America, discusses this evening's performers. (Credits)

Miroslava Yordanova:Jules Massenet (05:48)

Yordanova can perform excellent coloratura. The mezzo-soprano representing Bulgaria begins her repertoire singing "Charlotte's Letter Scene" from "Werther."

Miroslava Yordanova: Jean Sibelius (03:37)

The mezzo-soprano representing Bulgaria competes for the Lieder Prize singing "The Maiden's Tryst."

Miroslava Yordanova: Gioachino Rossini (06:35)

Horne looks for a big personality when performing the role. The mezzo-soprano concludes her performance with "Pensa alla patria" from "L'italana in Algeri." Bonney expresses that the coloratura seemed a bit flat during the performance and that Yordanova must have believed "The Maiden's Tryst" was written in German.

Leigh Melrose: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (03:04)

Born in America, Melrose is representing Scotland. The baritone begins his repertoire singing "Der vogelflanger bin ich ja" from "The Magic Flute."

Leigh Melrose: Lieder Prize (03:07)

The baritone representing Germany competes for the Lieder prize singing an excerpt of a piece written by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Leigh Melrose: Benjamin Britten (10:11)

The baritone concludes his performance with an aria from "Billy Budd." Bonney remarks how relaxed Melrose appeared during the competition.

Katarzyna Dondalska: Rossini (04:29)

The Queen in "The Magic Flute" is part of Dondalska's repertoire. The soprano representing Poland sings "Una voce poco fa" from "The Barber of Seville."

Katarzyna Dondalska: Nikolai Rimsky-Korasakov (03:07)

The soprano representing Poland competes for the Lieder Prize singing "The Rose enslaves the Nightingale" from "Songs Op 2 No 2."

Katarzyna Dondalska: Richard Strauss (12:10)

The soprano representing Poland concludes her performance singing "Grossmachtige Prinzessin" from "Ariadne auf Naxos." Zerbinetta attempts to cheer up Ariadne after being deserted by Theseus. Bonney explains how Dondalska had a sore throat and her singing seemed mechanical.

Mihajlo Arsenski: Giuseppe Verdi (02:35)

Arsenski is the first entry into the competition from Macedonia and will be singing in three languages. The tenor sings "Questa o quella" from "Rigoletto." The Duke of Mantua outlines his feelings on women.

Mihajlo Arsenski: Samuel Barber (02:56)

The tenor representing Macedonia sings "Solitary Hotel" from "Despite and Still," which is inspired by a passage from James Joyce "Ulysses."

Mihajlo Arsenski: Gaetano Donizetti (05:26)

The tenor concludes his performance with "Ah! mes amis" from "La fille du régiment." Tonio celebrates his engagement. Bonney describes how Arsenski possesses a squiggle in his vibrato which impedes the tone quality.

Anna Kiknadze: Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns (04:49)

This is the third performer from the Kirov Opera School in the competition. The mezzo-soprano representing Georgia begins her repertoire singing "Samson, recherchant ma presence" from "Samson and Delilah."

Anna Kiknadze: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (04:28)

The mezzo-soprano representing Georgia competes for the Lieder Prize singing two excerpts of compositions.

Anna Kiknadze: Donizetti (07:38)

The mezzo-soprano concludes her performance with "Fia dunque vero - Oh, mio Fernando" from "La Favorita." The Kirov Opera School singers know how to perform on stage.

Winner Announced (05:43)

Kiknadze is Bonney's favorite performer of the night. The five best singers of the week advance to the finals, not necessarily those who win the best performance of the evening. Those appearing in the finals include Markus Brück, Marius Brenclu, Natalie Christie, Ekaterina Semenchuk, and Elina Garanca. (Credits)

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This is the 10th biennial Cardiff Singer of the World Competition. Tonight's performances include representatives from Bulgaria (mezzo-soprano Miroslava Yordanova), Scotland (baritone Leigh Melrose), Poland (soprano Katarzyna Dondalska), Macedonia (tenor Mihajlo Arsenski), and Georgia (mezzo-soprano Anna Kiknadze).

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