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St. David's Cathedral (06:52)


Alixe Bovey follows the Gough Map through Wales. She begins this episode at the cathedral where many believe King Edward II is entombed.

Armor-Piercing Bodkins (05:09)

Archer Eric Bool describes advances in medieval bow technology. Bovey explains that 250,000 arrows could be launched within the space of five minutes during a well-coordinated attack.

Newport, Wales (03:58)

Bovey explains the importance of the River Severn and other waterways to medieval traders and merchants. She crosses the River Usk and meets Kate Hunter of the Newport Medieval Ship Project. Hunter discusses an important discovery from 2002.

Cosmeston (02:17)

Bovey the medieval village that has been rebuilt to appear as it would have during the 14th century. She examines artifacts that suggest the hamlet was connected to the international economy.

Ring of Iron (05:53)

Wales is full of castles thanks to the building project launched by King Edward I in 1276. Bovey visits Caerphilly Castle, which features a concentric design that made it difficult to breach.

Nevern and Gerald of Wales (04:33)

Pilgrims pay homage at the cross by sticking coins in surrounding rock crevices. At St. David’s, Bovey discusses the legacy of Gerald de Barri.

Credits: In Search of Medieval Britain: Wales (00:32)

Credits: In Search of Medieval Britain: Wales

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Historian Alixe Bovey follows the 600-year-old Gough Map through Wales, visiting St David's Cathedral, the once impregnable Caerphilly Castle and other historic sites. 

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