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Leicestershire, England (06:32)


Alixe Bovey follows the Gough Map through Britain’s interior. She begins at Leicestershire’s livestock market, which has been held continuously for 900 years; Bovey learns how to make medieval meat pies.

Lincoln Cathedral (07:23)

Bovey explains that the Church dominated most aspects of life in medieval England. She visits the cathedral where she learns about its architecture. Bovey visits nearby South Common.

Sherwood Forest (03:21)

Bovey explores the forest in Nottinghamshire. She finds the Major Oak and revisits the Society of James Coterel; the gang provided inspiration for the legend of Robin Hood.

Derby, England (03:25)

Bovey describes medieval travel dangers as she journeys to the site of one of six bridge chapels that remain in Britain. She describes the traditions of anchorites, pious hermits that were voluntarily enclosed in stone cells.

Nottingham, England (03:46)

Bovey visits Nottingham’s Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem; many believe it is the oldest pub in England. Its name is a reference to King Richard I, and its rooms give way to a network of man-made caves that are ideal for brewing ale.

Warwickshire, England (04:02)

Bovey visits the ruins of Kenilworth Castle, once the home of Simon de Montfort. She explains how De Montfort seized control of the country and inadvertently laid the foundation for English democracy before falling at the Battle of Evesham.

Credits: In Search of Medieval Britain: Heartlands (00:32)

Credits: In Search of Medieval Britain: Heartlands

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Historian Alixe Bovey follows the Gough Map through Englands Midlands where she visits Lincoln Cathedral, Sherwood Forest and Britain's oldest pub. 

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